The Site

Berkeley Homes (South East London) Ltd. owns Surrey Wharf, Acorn Wharf and the old Hygrade meat factory. The site is located in north Peckham, east of Burgess Park. It does not include Nye’s Wharf.

The site was formally used for large scale industrial purposes and is currently used for lighter industrial operations and short-term storage. The existing stock of buildings is all low quality and the site is underutilised in terms of its employment offering.

The Old Kent Road, and its surrounding area, has very diverse mix of land uses. Malt Street is no different, with industrial, storage and big box retail uses to the east and west, an ASDA supermarket to the north, and the Unwin & Friary and Northfield House (London Borough of Southwark estates) to the south.

The area is home to an active community, many of whom who have witnessed the transition of the area since the days of its thriving industry linked to the Grand Surrey Canal which ended in the 1970s when the Canal was filled in.

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