Planning Application

Planning Application
A planning application was submitted (reference 17/AP/2773) to the London Borough of Southwark on 28 July 2017 for a mixed used development that incorporates up to 1,050 homes and up to 5,500sqm of non-residential floorspace.

The planning application is submitted as a hybrid application; partly as a detailed application and partly as an outline application and includes a full suite of formal and supporting application documents which assess the land use and environmental effects of the Application Scheme. This includes an Environmental Statement that fully assesses the impact of the Application Scheme on the local and wider environment.

Addendum submission
A formal Addendum to the planning application (reference 17/AP/2773) was submitted to the Council on 23 October 2018 proposing up to 1,300 homes (of which 35% are affordable) and up to 7,000sqm of non-residential floorspace. A full suite of supplementary material was submitted to the Council to capture and re-assess the changes proposed to the scheme.

The full submission material and Addendum documents can be viewed on the London Borough of Southwark’s online planning register. This can be accessed via this link